Welcome to the H&W 768 Inc. FAQ page, where we address common queries to enhance your experience with our products and services. Discover insights into our thermal POS paper, learn about BPA-free options, explore proper storage practices, troubleshoot any issues, and more. If you have additional questions, our dedicated Sales Representatives are ready to assist. Elevate your business with confidence and clarity through our comprehensive FAQ guide.

Featuring a standard inner core size of 7/16 inches and a thermal coating typically on the outside, our POS paper at H&W 786 Inc. is designed for excellence. For specialized needs, such as ATM and cash register rolls, we offer variations like thermal coating on the inside or a 1-inch inner core.

Absolutely. All our thermal paper products at H&W 786 Inc. are proudly BPA-free, a commitment clearly highlighted on our packaging.

Elevate your POS experience by storing our thermal paper products in a dark place at a humidity between 45% and 65%, maintaining a temperature below 25°C. This ensures optimal performance for at least three years from the manufacturing date. Pro tip: Keep your POS supplies conveniently close to your POS system.

When stored according to our recommendations, the shelf life of our POS paper and image can reach an impressive seven years. However, it’s crucial to adhere to the specified storage conditions to maintain both shelf life and image quality.

Start by checking the correct loading of the paper, ensuring the coated side faces outward. If issues persist, try another paper roll. For more assistance, reach out to our experienced H&W 786 Inc. Sales Representatives, available via email or phone during business hours.

The number of transactions printed per roll depends on your POS system hardware. Debit machine users can typically expect 30-50 transactions per standard-size debit paper roll, excluding printing reports.

For high-volume terminals, a monthly cleaning routine is recommended, while lower-volume terminals may only need attention every six months. Enhance the longevity of your equipment with H&W 786 Inc.’s POS cleaning cards, conveniently included in our POS convenience kits or available for separate purchases.

Fear not! Our expansive range extends beyond what’s showcased online. Contact an H&W 786 Inc. Sales Representative, and we’ll gladly assist in sourcing the specific products you’re looking for.

Absolutely. H&W 786 Inc. takes customization to the next level with a variety of custom-printed rolls for debit, cash, and receipt printers. Connect with our Sales Representatives via telephone to place your unique order.

Distinguish between ink and toner effortlessly. Ink is liquid, tailored for inkjet printers, while toner, a fine powder, caters to laser printers. Explore our selection of printer inks, toners, and ribbons for the perfect fit for your printing needs.

It’s simple. Call +1 (613) 806-5325, select option 1, and connect with our representatives ready to address all your queries. Alternatively, shoot us an email at sales@hnw786.ca for a prompt response within 24 to 48 hours.

Dive into our Shipping Policy for insights into dispatch and delivery times, ensuring you’re informed every step of the way.

Trust the reliable hands of Canada Post, UPS, and Canpar to deliver your orders, with shipping charges calculated based on product and destination. Detailed information is available in our Shipping Policy or by contacting our Sales Representatives.

Embrace convenience with our accepted payment options, including Visa, MasterCard, and Amex. For alternative arrangements, connect with our Sales Representatives via email or phone during business hours at +1 (613) 806-5325.

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